Friday, October 3, 2014

"Sansa Kroma", Part 2

This is a recording of "Sansa Kroma" by the 5th Grade-Group B. In addition to learning the song, students have been writing rhythms and creating percussion groups to accompany the song. The percussion group in this recording includes; djembé, shaker, and tambourine.

Below is a copy of a chart that I have developed for composing rhythm. I decided to gamify it by awarding "badges" based on the color of the blocks they use. Everyone has started by trying to earn their Blue Rhythm Badge (a rhythm made up of only blue blocks). Once they earn their Blue Badge, the yellow blocks will be "unlocked". The next badge they will earn will come from playing rhythms that are a combination of blue and yellow blocks; the Green Rhythm Badge.

I am hoping this creates motivation in students to accurately perform rhythms. I think it will also help me know how to better support and challenge each student as we move forward with different composition projects, since I will know exactly what level they are at, based on their current "badge".