Wednesday, November 26, 2014

La Semana de Colores/Colors Week

Over the past 7 school days, Heyer was celebrating colors in connection with an initiative by the classic PBS show Reading Rainbow. As a school we celebrated a different color each day. I was able to draft some of our 5th grade students, on short notice, to record a song highlighting the song of the day. I've included "Purple" and "Green" here.

We practiced the song for about 15 min. one day, and then recorded all seven versions of the song the next day. It was a great reminder how much ability our students have by 5th grade, and how much I need to keep exploring ways to push them forward.

Monday, November 3, 2014

"Las Hojitas"

This is one of my favorite songs during the fall. I found it last year on a wonderful site for children's music, Mama Lisa's World. The chorus talks about the leaves falling from the trees, and the verse section talks about how the wind lifts them up so they can dance. With older groups I have used it to make language connections, as the verse section is a metaphor.

This year I used it with our younger students and we looked at the main Spanish and English nouns in the song; Hojas/Leaves, Viento/Wind, Arbol/Tree. We found that all of these Spanish words have 2-sounds, and the English words, 1-sound. We then created and played rhythms using these words.