Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Dr. Seuss Week

This is a little bit of the first theme of "The Super Supper March". I had a 4th grade class record this because they seemed to pick-up on the shape of melody rather quickly. So we added a little "tick-tock" xylophone bassline, a couple of shakers, and cajón.

Before we started the song, I asked students what kind of expectations they would have based on the fact that this is a Dr. Seuss song. They listed things like: rhyming, made-up words, and just general silliness. As I sang the song for them the first time, all of those things were exposed.

In the recording there is a point where the music freezes on the word "burger". We discussed this, comparing it to watching a movie. The class was asked, "If you were watching a movie at home, and needed to go get more popcorn, what button would you press on the remote?" We got two answers; stop and pause. The class decided that in this case the pause button was the best fit, because the music can still be heard, it just isn't advancing. We then connected the idea with the musical word "fermata".